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Single cup coffee systems

We have many different types of brewers, and I'm sure we'll have the correct brewer for your needs.  Each brewer has a few different functions, and some of the brewers product is a bit more expensive than other.  Please look around and feel free to contact us with questions.  Also, if you want to take a brewer or two on a "test drive", please let us know and we would be happy to set you and your office up for a few days to give it a try; no strings attached.  We'll provide the product and machine, you just provide the people to try it!

starbucks iCup Machine

This machine will give you a fresh ground cup of coffee each time.  It has two different coffee selections to pick from along with a Hot Chocolate option.  This is without a doubt the most cost effective single cup machine on the market.  $

colibri single cup machine

This machine also has a grinder on it to provide you a fresh ground cup of coffee for each cup.  This machine uses an espresso brewing format and can make 12 outstanding drinks.  This machine easily makes the best drink than any of the other machines.   $$

flavia single cup machine

Flavia is a great option when you need TONS of different flavor choices.  This machine even has an option to use a milk product to make lattes, cappucinos, and other great tasting products.  $$$

keruig single cup machine

This machine is the most used on the market.  Many people actually have these in their home.  This is another great option for the client who wants TONS of selections to choose from.  This machine however, DOES NOT have a milk option to make high end drinks.  It does however offer tea options.  $$$