100% Direct & Fair Trade


cameroon, africa coffee project

in 2006 George Yost traveled to Cameron, Africa to expand his coffee business and figure out a way to provide his customers a better cup of coffee for a lower cost.  During his travels he met some amazing people who helped him reach his goal.  He now works with over 100 different farming families, employees over 100 local workers during the coffee season and has 3 full time staff year round.  George has taken notes from other companies during his time in the coffee business too.  For instance he has learned what it is to be fair.  All local workers are paid 3X that of an average wage in Cameroon.  George provides free doctor visits to all workers and their children, he also provides transportation to and from work along with two meals a day.  As far as the farms go, George always pay more than the market price for the coffee.  Alpine Roastey isn't Fair Trade, we are "More Than Fair Trade".