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Batch Brewers

(Traditional Office Coffee Service)

If you're looking for a way to brew a lot of coffee at once, this is where you need to be.  We have many different types of brewers for many different types of offices.and situations.  We can provide large urns for cafeterias, to air pot brewers for offices.  We can even provide whole bean grinders for those who want a higher end program.  90% of the coffee we provide through this service is our coffee that we import from Cameroon, Africa and roast fresh in our facility in Englewood, CO.  You won't find a better tasting cup of coffee for you office anywhere!

Twin 1.5 gal urn

This is great system for areas where coffee flows like the Colorado River.  This machine does require 220V outlet, but you can brew 3 gallons of coffee every 7 minutes with this brewer. 

whole bean grinder

This is a great way to give your office a high class coffee program.  Each grinder can hold two different types of beans and can be switched as often as you like.  Very little mess, very high end coffee.  Contact us for details

air pot brewer

This brewer will be directly plumbed into your water line.  It has a hot water spout for Tea or Soup drinker/eaters.  It can make 1.9L, 2.2L, or 3.0L size Air Pots.