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Family owned and operated

George and Jackie Yost started Alpine Roastery in the mid 90's as an Office Coffee Service Company due to the fact that they couldn't find a good, local coffee roaster for their current customers.

about us

Denver based since 1994

George Yost had recently finished his career in commercial real estate when he and hie wife Jackie decided to get back into the honor box business and provide donations for homeless shelters all over Denver.  George and Jackie quickly became the largest honor box company west of the Mississippi River.  As they grew, they searched for new ways to grow their business.  The soon decided to dive head first into the office coffee service industry.  The year worn on, and they continued to grow their company into the largest of its kind in Colorado

company history

Roasting since 2005

In December 2005, George and Jackie bought their own roasting equipment and started to really invest in their quality control.  George dived head first into the coffee roasting world by continuing to reinvent in his company.  He then started to wonder how he can control the way the beans are grown and harvested in other countries.  So he jumped on a plane and started to travel Africa and settled on Cameroon.  He has grown his network to over 100 farmers and 100 local workers.

company history